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Our Story

The road to becoming the America's Favorite CPR, First Aid & Safety Company™ began in 1993 when American CPR Training™ first started offering CPR & Safety Training at ½ the Time, ½ the Price and Twice the Fun!

The same vision and passion that began then is evident in our over 2000 Instructors throughout the World, 100+ Safety Related Websites, Retail Locations, Training Centers, as well as our Distribution Center and Corporate Hub.

Recognized for our solid reputation, brand names, exclusive products, and strategic alliances; Express Companies, Inc. has become synonymous with Safety Compliance.

Our commitment to Customer Service not only makes Express Companies, Inc. a great place for our Customers to find Value and Customer Dedication in fulfilling their Safety needs, but also a great place for our Team Members to work. This drive has led our growth from a small local company to now playing a major role in Safety both on and off every continent, and as an integral part of the standard setting bodies worldwide.

We believe in working hard and having fun, while nurturing our client relationships to support our fast growing expansion. This has led to some very dynamic Strategic Partnerships, and long term relationships that allow us to serve all our Clients, Customers, Distributors, Instructors, Students, and YOU with the benefits of one of the most advanced Environmental Health and Safety sources in the World.

Take a moment to view some information about our Companies, Clients, and Team Members here today, and then let us know how we can help you make the world a safer place.

Have a Safe Day!