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Read more about Express Companies, Inc. Aside from our First Aid Guides, Safety Manuals, and Safety Videos we publish for sale, Express has contributed substantial free content to the safety community. In the page below are a few free safety publications and videos to give you a feel for how Express endeavors to make safety a part of everyone’s lives… and hopefully not too tedious (even we don’t like reading detailed white papers and dry instructions, we like to keep it a wee bit entertaining.)

From a Supplier:

Image of face of client Steve Donovan.

Steven Donovan


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I was just reading an article to help a customer who is new to “OSHA” first aid, and I think you wrote it... is this you??

I was thinking to myself I am going to print this out and show it to my customers who are newbies! You should rewrite a new one for OSHA! I always have a hard time finding info for BBP requirements.

From a Customer:

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Judith Smith


Image of face of client Judith Smith.

Wow. Thank you for the free First Aid video.

I thought it would be an “Ad” selling your products, but this is truly useful. May I have permission to show it as part of the curriculum for my 10th grade health classes?

  • First Aid Kit Icon
    How To Use a First Aid Kit...

    What Your First Aid Course Didn't Teach You: Free 22 minute Safety Video. Learn the contents of a first aid kit and how to properly use them when providing first aid.

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    Great for standalone training

    Refresher First Aid Training between full First Aid Certification Courses, or just to learn about performing basic first aid and utilizing those obscure first aid kit content items found in a comprehensive first aid kit.

  • Sign Post Icon: Sign points to First Aid, Other Sign Points to AED.
    Also a great guide

    For what to look for when buying a first aid kit. Watch this informative First Aid Video Free to learn first aid today!