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The Power of Brands is Here

After over 30 years of comparing environmental, health and safety products, Express is proud to offer the best value brands in the safety industry.

While we offer about 5,000 products and services online, Express Companies manufactures, publishes, controls, or distributes over 100,0000 of the best medical, emergency, and safety items available. Here are a few of our safety brands you may recognize.


Brands Offered

Our Safety Brands

  • Hygienisafe® - Helping you Keep it Clean... Helping you Keep it Safe Brand Logo.

    HygieniSafe® helps you keep it clean & safe with our antiseptics, disinfectants, sanitizers, virucidals, germicidals, bactericidals, and fungicidal products. EPA listed products for sanitary environments.

  • Because Accidents Happen, Urgent First Aid® Brand Logo.

    With a new company, comes new ideas, and new innovations. Urgent First Aid® is a new first aid manufacturer in the development phase. Working hard every day, brainstorming, building, and testing... We are a company that truly has a passion for first aid and safety. We will continue to make life better, whether it’s your home life, on the road, at school... Anywhere you might need us.

  • American CPR Training® ½ the Time, ½ the Price, and TWICE the Fun!™ brnad logo.

    Safety Training! With over 2000 Instructors globally, American CPR Training® offers the most entertaining, affordable, accurate, time-, and cost-efficient CPR, First Aid, AED and other Safety Training Classes in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Beyond!