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We often get asked who some of our clients are… perhaps a more appropriate question is “Who isn’t your customer?”

Why does every branch of the Federal Government, almost every Fortune 500 company, and the majority of Inc. Magazine’s list of the fastest growing companies in America all come to us again and again? The same reason we hope you will. We are dedicated to bringing safety, value and service to every client and customer, no matter how large or small… every time, every day, and in every way we can.



A few samples from our list of over 100,000+ happy clients:


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    Among our hundreds of thousands of regular, repeat clients, we proudly serve almost every organization on the Fortune 500 list and the vast majority of the Inc. 5000 list. From Individuals to the world’s largest multinational corporations, ECI partners with or supplies the safety and fulfillment needs of a wide swath of customers. Referrals and relationships have grown Express to a point of critical mass where growth begets growth, clients beget clients. We humbly appreciate our Team, our Partners, our Clients, and our position as leaders in our marketplaces.

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    Over the three decades we have been growing, the Express Team has learned that change is inevitable, and to succeed for ourselves and our clients that depend upon us, we change and grow every day. Each opportunity is evaluated, each Team Member is required to share something new they learn every day, and all contribute to growing, changing, and fulfilling the ever-changing needs of our consumers, our partners - and of course, the regulatory and safety landscape. We pride ourselves on remaining nimble each day. From a time when ECI and its divisions fought tooth and nail against competitors for market share, today we stand alone in a unique niche carved by listening to our customers and our Team and building an organization that can offer a combination of products, services, resources and ingenuity unlike any other.

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    Reacting to outside forces - world supply chain and shipping breakdowns, supplier management or process failures, demand for USA-based resources – ECI has vastly expanded Manufacturing, Assembly, Kitting, and Fulfillment capabilities. While just a few years ago, our production and assembly were grown in order to produce and expand our own product lines, we quickly learned that our client base was yearning for both branded products of their own, and custom assembled products meeting their very specific needs. Almost immediately upon filling this gap for our customers, we then grew further to packaging and fulfillment of large contracts. As these needs have expanded, so has ECI, with our new facilities designed to continue this growth and take on new challenges.